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Great-great-great-great-granddaughter of a Norman corsair, Aline Pénitot was born on dry land. After being pursued by serious studies, she often escapes, on a sailboat, across the oceans. She starts to feel far away when reaches a place where no airplane can land.

Moored for several years at the electro-acoustic studio of Christine Groult, she now electro-acoustic composer and documentaries producer for France Culture and other radio stations. Her latest, hybrid creations have found her in dialogue with musicians such as Sophie Bernado, Vincent Courtois, and Jasser Haj Youssef. Her compositions and pieces for radio have been programmed in numerous festivals as well as being broadcast on France Culture, France Musique, the RTE, the RTBF (Belgian radio), and on the Greenlandish radio waves… In 2019, she produced 4 radio documentaries about whales and dolphin and in 2020 about our intimate relationship with the ocean. This work was acclaimed by the press (Le Monde, les Inrocks, Télérama, Philosophie Magasine, Psychologie Magasine…).

The recipient of numerous grants (du côté des ondes, brouillon d’un rêve/SCAM, the Pierre Scheaffer grant/SCAM, Phonurgia Nova, Dicream/CNC), she is also a graduate of the Université de Paris-Saclay Diagonal and of the Prototype program at the Fondation Royaumont (France). She has been in residence at Radio France’s Groupe de Recherche Musicale, at Why Note (musical programming at Dijon’s Consortium arts center), at the CCR les Dominicains of Guebwiller (France), as well as at the Cité des Arts in Saint-Denis (Reunion Island). She is involved in an ongoing music/science research project with the bio-acoustician Olivier Adam and the hydrologist Nadia Sénéchal. She works an interface of human-whale music games. Aline is an active member of the Fair-Play network.